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Bacchanal Radio came to life on Saturday November 29th 2008. Bacchanal radio is based in Trinidad & Tobago. It is comprised of disc jockeys that revolutionized Indo Caribbean culture almost a decade ago. In all, these disc jockeys have more than 50 years experience combined playing the very best in Chutney, Soca, Bollywood Remixes, Bhangra, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop & Trance just to name a few.

Bacchanal Radio is in existence today due to a void in the industry where a certain grouping of persons were neglected, alienated, abandoned & rejected. This grouping endured entertainment at it’s lowest ebb. Recognition has finally come. Bacchanal Radio is the medium through which all artistes, musicians, writers, producers & fans find their rightful place within the entertainment industry. 

Bacchanal Radio is the expression of  West Indian people, the young and the young at heart, from every corner of the World. A unique blend of music making up one voice, one sound, one Caribbean.

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Bacchanal Radio streams online at even higher quality than a standard FM radio station. We averge at over 30,000 listeners per month, making Bacchanal Radio the most listened to online stream dedicated to Chutney Soca music.